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Do something good for the whole body...

This harmonising massage is performed on the back of the body. It has a calming effect while regenerating vitality, stability and balance, and gives your body a renewed energy and new lease of life. A regeneration massage restores your vitality, stability, and distresses your mind. Slow, repeating massage movements considerably calms you down and makes you feel more relaxed which results in more “joie de vivre” and live enhancement.

Price: EUR 60.00
Relaxation time: 60 minutes

To book your treatment in advance please contact us at 040 / 51 303 419

Unfortunately this treatment ist not availabilie at the following dates: 

4. Juni - 15. Juni 2018


25. Juli- 15. September 2018

Our tip for you

Enjoy the bioenergetic massage in combination with a regenerating face massage for a small surcharge of EUR 10.00, and feel reborn.

€ 60,00
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